Humanitarian innovation

Innovation matters – of course.  But sometimes it can really be a life or death issue, and that’s very much the case in the humanitarian sector.  When disasters – natural or man-made – strike there’s a need for some pretty fast creative problem solving.   There’s growing interest in the field of humanitarian innovation and we’ve been working with the UK’s Department for International development trying to map how the innovation ecosystem works in this space.  We recently completed a literature review on the theme (click here for a copy) and we’re now working on some case studies which I’ll post soon.  Meanwhile there are some fascinating examples on the ALNAP website – click here for more.

New resources – cases, tools, activities – added to the Innovation Portal

Added new resources to the Innovation Portal – see Innovation Portal for more or click the links below

Case studies:

The dimming of the light bulb

The changing music industry

The changing imaging industry


Accelerating adoption and diffusion


Accelerating adoption and diffusion

New case study of M-PESA

Mobile money is a big growth area – but in parts of East Africa it’s been the way things happen for quite some time.  Emerging from bottom-up needs fo secure ways of moving money around and using the power of mobile communications, MPESA provides a fascinating example of innovation from the edge which has mainstream implications.


The case study can be found here